Rides Constructions GmbH is happy to announce its next project: The design, construction and installation of a 60 m diameter ferris wheel in Skopje, Macedonia!

The project represents a unique challenge as the ferris wheel is located above a bridge on the famous river Vardar. The ride view will be stunning!
Follow us throughout this project which we will be happy to share here with you. 


 Wheel height (m)

Wheel diameter (m)
Base width (m)
Base depth (m)
Capacity gondola
Number of gondolas
Load per gondola (kg)
Max. Load (passangers)
Electric supply (kVa)
Revolutions (rev./min)
Wind and weight calculations
Electrical Equipment operating voltage
Control Voltage
approx. 73 (From river bed)
approx 48 (on river bed)
approx 43 (on river bed)
Standard Gondola-6 adult passengers, VIP Gondola – 4 adults
30=29 standard and 1 VIP
Approx 1100kg
178 adults
300 (depending options selected)
1,5 (max) adjustable. Normal operation
EN 13814, Skopje reference wind 33,5 m/s
400 V +/- 10%, 3~/N/PE, 50 Hz
230 V AC/24 V DC