DIN EN 13814


DIN EN 13814 and what it means for the future of your amusement rides

The “new” DIN EN 13814 is a European safety norm which recently replaced DIN 4112 with the goal of ensuring greater safety and a clearer regulation of the operation of amusement rides. Inspection companies, such as TÜV Nord, TÜV Süd and others, have announced stricter evaluation criteria for amusement rides as a result of the application of DIN EN 13814. What does this mean for you as an amusement ride owner and operator? 
Although it is not yet been legally defined if the new norm applies to all amusement rides, the ramifications range from potentially expensive modifications to those amusement rides constructed in accordance with DIN 4122 to having your amusement ride banned from operation as a temporary structure at events, fairs and in amusement parks.
For many amusement ride owners it is not clear if their rides are in compliance with the new regulations. This also makes it nearly impossible to estimate the potential modernization costs which they may be facing. Rides Constructions is well versed in both the DIN 4112 and DIN EN 13814 and can assist you in the evaluation of your amusement ride. Furthermore, we can provide you with a non-binding offer for the necessary modifications. 
Renovations can take up to half a year, depending on the extent of the modifications necessary to comply with DIN EN 13814. We therefore recommend amusement ride owners not to wait too long with an evaluation of their ride’s compliance with the new European norm in order to avoid loss of revenue. 
Rides Constructions provides both consultation and renovations – call us today to begin your ride’s adaptation to DIN EN 13814 standards and to secure your future earnings in the amusement ride business.